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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Campus


Located in the heart of Montreal’s trendy Mile-Ex neighborhood, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Campus by developer Canderel will provide a new office hub customized for Montreal’s burgeoning AI start-ups and entrepreneurs’ ecosystem.

Striking a balance between enthusiastic creativity and hyper-functionality, the new multi-building complex is specifically designed to foster innovation by instigating serendipitous meetings between the campus users and the neighborhood’s population. In true “brandscaping” fashion, AEdifica developed a project narrative based on the analogy between the inner workings of the human brain and the emerging AI theory. The urban block and its peripheral campus buildings are therefore likened to the cerebral cortex, comprising of the office components as well as major amenities such as roof gardens and greenhouses, playrooms, and lounges. The main outside feature will be a curvaceous linear park splitting the urban block in two halves, much like the longitudinal fissure separates – and unites – the brain’s hemispheres. Inside, the narrative continues as sinuous staircases link floorplates across dramatic atriums, providing easy – and healthy - access to all levels. 

LOCATION : Montreal, Quebec, Canada
TYPE OF INTERVENTION: Architecture and urban design

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